2020 – Q3 NEWSLETTER – Sunrise Children’s Assoc. Inc.

2020 – Q3 NEWSLETTER – Sunrise Children’s Assoc. Inc.
We hope you are all staying safe and well and adapting to the new normal of life with Covid-19 – with some positives in that!

Amidst the many disruptions to regular life caused by the Covid-19 virus in Nepal, our team have remained dedicated to carrying out our work and continue to be an inspiration to us. We have continued to educate children, families and their communities about the prevention and control of this global crisis through home visits, monitoring, savings group meetings and phone communication on a monthly basis to help them stay safe and adapt their lives harmoniously.

Whilst we have not been able to run some activities such as youth club or large group team building/awareness programs, and schooling has been delayed, we have not had to cancel any of our key program activities as yet. Instead we have just been adapting the
way we do some things.
The virtual medium has become a bigger part of everyone’s lives, and has brought about some more positive developments for the staff teams and some of the youth in the more urban areas, such as webinars, which have boosted learnings from having greater access to various experts to join online. Our team has adapted very well to using various new technology platforms.