In 2009, a ragtag group of travellers – all long past their youthful backpacking days – headed up Yala peak in Nepal. Seeing the faces of smiling yet poverty-stricken children was a bittersweet experience.

These kids have no material goods and limited opportunities, yet still embrace the joy of life. Our intrepid explorers felt a strong need to give something back.

Back home in Perth, they joined forces with Sunrise Children’s Association Incorporated (SCAI). The result was Kathmandu Kids and a series of successful fundraising events. Every cent raised has gone towards improving the lives of children in Nepal. So far over $406,000 has been raised.

Initially our focus was the Kalimati slum area of Kathmandu. In recent years, the programme has expanded out to also provide education for children in the Jhapa and Nuwakot areas as well.

How your money has helped

Over the past years, the money raised has gone towards:

  • School fees for hundreds of school children!!!!
  • Trans­port to and from school
  • Uniforms, shoes, bags, books and stationery for the students
  • Devel­op­ment, rebuild­ing and oper­a­tion of a pre-primary class­room to intro­duce kids and their par­ents to the ben­e­fits of education
  • Track­suits to protect chil­dren from the win­ter cold
  • Assist­ing a slum fam­ily rebuild their ‘home’ that was burnt to the ground
  • Breast cancer treat­ment for a young mother of two
  • Estab­lish­ment of a train­ing cen­tre to teach the par­ents can­dle mak­ing, sewing and Eng­lish. Over 50 women grad­u­ated from the sewing class and most are now employed using these skills.
  • Buying of a fleet of bicycles in the Jhapa region to diminish the 90 minute walk (each way) for some of the kids. This also reduces the risk to the kids from animals and human predators.
  • Establishing a goat breeding programme in Jhapa to help the families become self-sufficent.
  • Providing community and family support

About Sunrise Children’s Association

The Char­ity we have cho­sen to sup­port is Aus­tralian based and accred­ited both here and in Nepal. They have many pro­grammes to assist Nepalese chil­dren. It is headed by Emma Taylor who was awarded an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for her contributions to the children of Nepal.

Kath­mandu Kids, on behalf of SCIA, has raised over $386,000 for the edu­ca­tion of chil­dren in Nepal. This money was initally used in the Kalimati area of Kathmandu, then expanded to Jhapa in Eastern Nepal. As these areas have benefited from the programme, our focus areas have changed to target the most needy. Sun­rise Children’s Asso­ci­a­tion’s Kathmandu Kids programmes are now working with villages in the Nuwakot area of Nepal – a poor hill area that was ravaged by the 2015 earthquake. Every sin­gle cent that is raised goes directly to Sun­rise Children’s Asso­ci­a­tion to fund the Kathmandu Kids programmes.

The money we raise goes towards school admis­sion fees, exam fees, uni­forms, shoes, bags, books, sta­tion­ery, work­books, community aid, etc.

In July of each year, we begin our fundrais­ing efforts.

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Tax deductable sta­tus has been granted to SCAI by the Aus­tralian Tax Office. Any dona­tions of $5 or more will receive a claimable receipt.

On top of the cause taken on by Kath­mandu Kids, Sun­rise Chil­drens Orphan­age has many more wor­thy fundrais­ing needs.

Thank you in advance for your very gen­er­ous sup­port! We look for­ward to work­ing together to bring these chil­dren a brighter future.

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